church World Life Church is a visible community church of gathered people who seek to recognize and accept God's love through Christ and to heed God's call. The symbol of our church stands for the Lord holding the world in his hands. This symbol represents our community outreach and responsibility to all people.

World Life Church is an extended family where joy, strength, and encouragement is warmly given to each and is open to all. Through study, fellowship, worship, witness, and prayers, the church prepares itself to serve both God and humanity. With a bold freshness and a sense of creativity, World Life desires to be a church for these times, speaking words of love, renewal, and reconciliation in a language and form which is understandable to the twenty first century listener.

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A Little History

In September of 2006, a man of God had a vision to start up a ministry in Lawrenceville, Georgia. A group of Christians gathered together and prayed on one accord, seeking God's face in finding a good location to conduct church services. The Lord led the leader, Pastor Earl Bell to visit a local child care center. He stopped in and asked to speak to the manager. He was directed to speak to the owner. The owner asked Pastor Bell to come back in three days. After this small delay, Pastor Bell sat down with the owner and discussed his vision of what the Lord had given him in reference to starting up a church. The owner was so impressed with his meeting that he told Pastor Bell the Lord must have definitely sent him. He later told the Pastor that he could begin holding church services in the center at no cost.

The church began with eighteen members. This included the Pastor and his wife. Within six months, the ministry had outgrown the allotted space in the center. In a little less than a year, God spoke to Pastor Bell and World Life Church was relocated to the larger facility where it currently resides.

Church services are held weekly, as well as Bible Study and Corporate Prayer. The ministry is continuing to blossom.

Come, grow with us.

To Reach Lost Souls

To Teach Salvation

To Give Hope in the name of JESUS CHRIST.

Our Mission

rainbow World Life Church seeks to develop people into Christians, mobilizing them for significant living and fulfilling their calling. We aim to teach them to love the Lord our God with all their heart, all their soul and with all their mind. (Matthew 22:37)